chosen by Inge Lagae

Unique design needs unique materials.

The Belgian KĀNA collection is manufactured in Italy in the area of Como, known for its tradition of hand-made high-end furniture. All materials used are chosen with care. Quality, timelessness, and durability are important to KĀNA. Exclusive species of European oak, such as French oak, swamp oak and silver oak, are often combined with steel or brass look steel. Some parts are made from solid wood, some parts are realized in thick veneer, applied on block panels. The Kuroso table series are also made by Italian craftsmen near the Lake Como. After all, Italy has always been the reference for unique natural stones and craftsmanship.
The rough and organic aspect achieved when processing the materials softens the clean lines of the furniture pieces. Imperfections acquired from the hand-crafted patinas and the accentuation of the unique roughness contrast beautifully with the flawlessness of the designs. All oaks are therefore sandblasted or brushed before they are finished with water-carrying matt varnishes.
All KĀNA artisan workshops are mindful of sustainability and ecologically responsible production methods, from bonding through to packaging.


European Oak

Venice Oak

Smoked Oak

Swamp Oak


HEMP collection in collaboration with textile designer Isabelle Yamamoto

KANA is collaborating with isabelle Yamamoto who is recycling vintage hemp fabrics ‘with a story’ for the limited-edition collection and designs new-woven fabrics for the main collection.

The vintage fabrics and the new-woven textiles are collected in the east of Europe. The hemp farms empower the women and gives them a platform to sell their handcrafted fabrics at fair prices.

KASA loves and cares about nature, traditions and sustainibility. We are making the world a better place by promoting the most sustainable plant on earth.

The variations in the yarn and natural color of truly natural hemp fabric gives these hemp textiles their timeless beauty and style.

The natural and rustic look is characteristic of hemp fibers. The fabric becomes softer with each wash. Hemp originates from the stalk fibers of the Cannabis ruderallis plant. After treatment, the fibers are handspun and woven into long, fine yarns. Hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years as fiber and food and it has been cultivated since 8000 BC in the Middle East and China.

Some people consider Hemp among one of the greenest fabrics a person can obtain as it offers more responsible and eco-friendly consumption:  it uses only a fraction of the water that cotton, and even organic cotton require to grow.

Hemp remains very exclusive due to low availability and costly production and is one of the strongest natural plant fibers, four times more durable than other natural fibers.

The natural hemp fibers are also resistant to mold, which will help the fabric stay in better condition for longer to offer reduced damage and better reliability. Hemp materials are also great at absorbing moisture, which makes them a great breathable material.

Thanks to it being breathable and non-smelly, this makes it easy to care for and will require less frequent washing. Washing machines have a significant impact on the environment and the need to use them less will further enhance the sustainability of the fabric. Hemp is a remarkable material. It is all-natural and offers as many health benefits as it does for the environment.


Black Pepper




KANA surveils that de high-quality leather is achieved in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

The beautiful and soft leather KANA uses for the yoishu daybed and the cushions on the Hiku stool are provided by a family business in Italie. They keep constantly the same goal in mind, excellent quality of leather for furniture and yachts. Each hide comes from animals raised for human consumption: farmers take care of the animals to ensure they have good farming conditions, and their skin is protected.

The processing is then performed according to the highest European standards. Tanning, choice, re-tanning, dyeing, drying, sanding, spray finishing, emery and hand staining are just some of the processes the rawhide undergoes. Their skilled workers follow the creation of each hide step by step from the initial phase. Their experience and dedication to this line of work is the secret behind the beauty of this fine French bull leather.

Since skin is an animal’s means of “protection”, leather is a product that may have marks, scratches, and particular characteristics on its surface; they testify the vitality of the animal and prove the authenticity of their product.
Thanks to their workmanship, the natural charm of leather is methodically combined with extensive technical expertise.
The leather is about mm 1,3*, has a natural grain, a mineral tanning and is treated with vegetable oils. The Hand blotched finishing gives a mat lightened effect and is water repellent. The leather can be cleaned with a leather cleaner kit (Nabuk).






The Kuruso table was inspired from the beauty of nature, therefore, the tabletops are only available in timeless, curved shapes: round and barrel.

KANA select unique stones from quarries all over the world: marble and natural stone guarantee exclusiveness. Every Kurosu table that is made, is unique and original. Among natural materials we propose to our clients very special and elegant stones such as Travertino, Sahara black marble, For di Bosco and many others.
The tabletop can also be customized with different other kind of stones. We will select the best quality for your stone of choice. The tabletops are produced by one of the best stone craft workshops in Italie. Beside a highly specialized staff, they use machineries with the most advanced technologies. Versatility and technical, dynamism but also craftmanship and attention to details, are the values of these craftsmen.
All tabletops have a mat finishing, they can be polished (shiny) on request. KANA proposes two different kind of edge finishing, the edge can be polished but can also be hand cut for a more brute aspect.

Fior di bosco


Sahara Black

Travertino bianca

Travertino noce

Travertino titanium


Tables are usually the centerpieces of any dining room. That is why our demanding KANA clients don’t like mass-manufactured table bases. They want the quality and excellence of handcrafted designs. The base design of the Kurosu table is a classical cross-leg concept which fits any style of interior. Designed to last. Timeless and pure, the folded steel base is a wonderful result of both precision and craftsmanship. The pure shape of the steel base can be combined with any kind of marble or natural stone. The gold or bronze patinas are manually applied in different layers and result in an exclusive and unique finish. The many layers and the sanding of the patina give a depth to the finish and the color that can only be obtained by experience and mastery.