by Inge Lagae

In the composition of the continuum:
what is space?

Interieur Award ‘object’ – Biennial Interieur 2016

Labyrinth is a graphic sculpture for both storing the books and objects you cherish / your favourite books and objects.

It is meant to be at the heart of your home, the centrepiece of your space. The piece consists of symmetrical volumes balanced around a diagonal axe. It toys with textures, volumes, and depth.

The design of Labyrinth is packed with formal contrasts. When seen from the side, the bookcase is bold and full. It fills the space with its presence / its imposing presence. From up front, however, the thin lines of the steel and carbon version almost disappear, lending the object an unexpected lightness.

Labyrinth both dominates and embraces the space at the same time. The wood version is much more present and is available in three different concepts: as a wall version, a room divider or as four different modules to build an endless wall.

Kana Labyrinth Screen

Labyrinth Wall

2910/2110/400 mm

Module L – Left/Right
1730/2110/400 mm

Module S – Left/Right
1190/2110/400 mm

Labyrinth Screen

2910/2110/450 mm

Module L – Left/Right
1730/2110/450 mm

Module S – Left/Right
1190/2110/450 mm