KĀNA published by Danish Design magazine RUM International

In the 16th. Edition of RUM, edited on the 8th of January 2023, the designnoter page was dedicated to the KĀNA collection:

“There’s something fundamentally calm and harmonious about the solid furniture from new Belgian brand Kāna, founded by designer Inge Lagae. Created in a variety of oak finishes, they stand like timeless, functional sculptures in a room, inviting slow living (Kāna)”

RUM magazine is a brand and a point of reference in its own right. They are the leading authority when it comes to style, design, and architecture.

They are rooted in the Scandinavian way of life but have a truly international scope. They are first with new trends and tendencies but maintain a distinct focus on the Danish as well as the international design heritage.

They travel the world in search of outstanding homes with history, personality, and style. they have interviews with prominent designers – established as well as up-and-coming – and carry portraits of true icons and agenda-setting companies.

RUM works with the best and most celebrated photographers, stylists, and writers to create a unique aesthetic universe. People make an extraordinary effort when contributing to RUM, which makes the magazine the natural choice for advertisers aiming to reach a quality-conscious audience with genuine purchasing power.

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