Functional sculptures

For customers who have a special preference for exclusive contemporary furniture, Inge Lagae designs furniture objects as functional sculptures. All objects are executed in noble materials and made to measure by hand by Belgian and Italian furniture makers and craftsmen.
A selection of the most beautiful designs is distributed under the name Kana and made by the artisan furniture maker Bosq.
Her favorite materials are natural stone, steel, brass, bronze and woods such as swamp oak, silver oak, wenge and ebony. The steel version of the Labyrinth library was awarded the Interieur Award ‘Object’ in 2016 at the “Interieur” biennial in Kortrijk.
After studying scenography and interior design, an artistic project brought Inge Lagae to Brussels, where she has lived and worked since 1989. From 1996 to 2004, various projects were realized in collaboration with various architects and artists, including the architect and visual artist Ola-dele Kuku. Since 2005, she mainly designs and realizes interior projects and furniture objects on behalf of clients in Belgium, the Netherlands and France.
Designing furniture objects and custom furniture that can be passed on from generation to generation is her main motivation. The wishes and requirements of the customer are the tools for the design of a personalized and unique interior where her furniture objects in noble materials next to art are central. Together with the customer, she combines old and new in the interior so that it radiates peace, harmony and soul. With passion and expertise, she always selects high-quality materials that will add value to the project. (Source: Bespoke & Beyond, Betaplus publishing)

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